Parallel lines


And surely the line between the righteous and those who adhere to the opposite side is as thin as the one that was drawn with a pen just a moment ago …
For the crowd is big… the crowd is vast and vaster than ever… and man simply wants to exist in it!

Credit: pic by Stella Marina

The tie that binds

Forbidden Love

If we ever were to close our eyes and set aside the line that composes the delicate and subtle balance of right and wrong, how far would we reach into the living of this moment, when the greatest feelings of mankind co exist and nothing but Harmonia mundi breathes …? What would be the name of such timeless placeless instant that was born out of a white night ?
And by the arrival of sunrise and the most unexpected surprise, would we perhaps realize that the wrongful deed was indeed to ever deny such beauty brought to our life ?

Credit: picture by Werol