Changeable future


The gift of seeing the future of others as well as one’s own and which merely derives from the consciousness of the occurring present in this very moment, is not something the universe pours in giving out to all. But when it does, one ought to recognize that such aptitude only offers a potential possibility, even if a solid one. Nothing more, nothing less. For within this knowledge at hand, let us  never forget the higher gift of will which men of our realm were given once upon a time. And such as we were made, we shall always retain the likelihood to choose the path we walk on and which in fact is also a changeable one, according to the strength of the will itself.

Sophie Parou

Free writer

Effervescence of the inner world…


You are the prettiness of a self made illusion of my own.
And in the arising picture of that place which belongs to the future but which will find its source from this present line, you are now no longer the ghost of petty minutiae of my past but the green velvet clothed king of the parlor of my desert caravanserai.
You are no longer a taker for you have become a giver.
Black has faded into white, the color of all earthy colors.
And by an invisible yet most spectacular miracle, you have finally understood that in truth we’ve all suffered and that the greatest truth of all is that it is through love that we shall heal and that in true love coexists no betrayal!
And as I contemplate the sea of our world, I know though you are merely but the echo of a self made fairy tale of my own.
Yet for now, you are the constellation of my inner world who has now reflected on the outside…

Credit: pic by Fractale75