Page 359 of the continuous journey

I am the one with a line that has no beginning on this plane
but little care do i give to this, except for its grand ending !
I am a walker of the path nine …the one that happily precedes the last,
and merry at heart, day after day, i play the cast.
I am the child queen that kept on going despite the blasts, for every dark minute that sinks in the past ultimately represents its equal light !
I am the warrior of heart who was once told to keep quiet but too mighty was i, to ever comply…

Credit: Pic by Carlos Quevedo

Path number 9

I am a walker on the path nine!
It is the path that leads to life
And there are many path walkers more troubled with their past than the horizon that always lasts
Ah! and many numbers cover the paths
But nine precedes the last…