Page 359 of the continuous journey

I am the one with a line that has no beginning on this plane
but little care do i give to this, except for its grand ending !
I am a walker of the path nine …the one that happily precedes the last,
and merry at heart, day after day, i play the cast.
I am the child queen that kept on going despite the blasts, for every dark minute that sinks in the past ultimately represents its equal light !
I am the warrior of heart who was once told to keep quiet but too mighty was i, to ever comply…

Credit: Pic by Carlos Quevedo

Diary of a continuous journey II


I am a queen in pursue of the invisible kingdom and naïve enough to believe in it .
I am Joan of arc who wore the armor of Orleans , seeking all the great remaining warriors so as to prepare for an even greater battle.
I am the light that came from far away, so the old fortuneteller said, and determined to bring on a bigger light to a world mourning the loss of its faith.
And I am so uninterested in petty words of the mass, which I shall not vanquish any less , for my kingdom and sword are nothing but stardust as I am.
For in the end, I know I shall say ‘ what a journey!’

Credit: pic by Mindtuber

When light speaks the truth


You were the one I utterly admired the most;
I was the one you secretly needed as a whole;
You were the one I felt in rage with, for in your world, all of the things were given in thin measures and never would you dare have given it all indeed!
I was the one and possibly the last, you still cared for, for all other souls had either failed or be gone from your space;
You were the one who nurtured me from the birth of a fame I had fully yet to embrace and strangely enough, the same tail which bore a twist of irony, for it only knew too well that that which you had given me, you also wanted a share of it but fate had decisively decided otherwise!
And faith and determination being the prerequisite of all accomplishments, I was the one who had the biggest wings of us both;
You were the one who kept on flying and swing to the extremity of the poles , for you simply did not know otherwise ;
Whilst i was the one who held on tight to the middle way for convinced I was that of all of the possible ways, this was the only ever lasting one;
You were the one who mastered the speaking of words you composed so well and which could have inspired you in incommensurable measures , if you had but listened to own self ;
I was the one who bore the ability to turn words onto paper people keep and can read again and again long past the spoken words;
You were to be !…. and yet, you have never truly become till the hour that is now;
And such as there are two ways of spreading light, perhaps was I merely but the candle and you my dear friend, were the mirror that reflected it to the world !