Stories of the voyageurs of Libanos


That a man from the ancient Libanos and renowned throughout the whole land of Al Kut for his glorious and even more sumptuous wedding dresses – but who had merely made his fortune by the simple yet so meticulous algebra of being at the right place and at the right time – should have to close down his prestigious empire, would seem impossible on the face of our earth!
Yet, just as kings and queens will born, rise and die , times had changed and people had ceased longing for the white dress of a day and thus the poor but by now very prosperous man who had sold the last dream of a dress in his life, retired to his land to begin his new talent , that of a legend.

Credit: pic by Sergiosilvan


And asked about her world, she replied:
My empire is one of fearlessness and might that leaves little space for the brave less
but amongst which, fairness of the heart prevails.
My empire is made of air and heights that reflects the symbol of the stars under which i walk.
Though in truth, my faith is what rises above and gives me wings to fly higher than many of them all!
My empire isn’t made of gold but of turquoise stones
that embedded the mountain peak which i have seen and shall soon reach.
But be sure that the road itself is what counts the most !

Credit: picture by Kpekep