Page 359 of the continuous journey

I am the one with a line that has no beginning on this plane
but little care do i give to this, except for its grand ending !
I am a walker of the path nine …the one that happily precedes the last,
and merry at heart, day after day, i play the cast.
I am the child queen that kept on going despite the blasts, for every dark minute that sinks in the past ultimately represents its equal light !
I am the warrior of heart who was once told to keep quiet but too mighty was i, to ever comply…

Credit: Pic by Carlos Quevedo

A December night

Ah! what a sublime feeling it is to see the beating of the heart that resides in the sparkles of the eyes of two strangers that first meet and say:
‘I feel again and know everything that you are,
You are my hope, you are my gain, you so near yet you were so far,
You are the everything i have longed to have but strangely have forbidden myself to have !’

Credit: pic by Evaldaz