The tie that binds

Forbidden Love

If we ever were to close our eyes and set aside the line that composes the delicate and subtle balance of right and wrong, how far would we reach into the living of this moment, when the greatest feelings of mankind co exist and nothing but Harmonia mundi breathes …? What would be the name of such timeless placeless instant that was born out of a white night ?
And by the arrival of sunrise and the most unexpected surprise, would we perhaps realize that the wrongful deed was indeed to ever deny such beauty brought to our life ?

Credit: picture by Werol



You were walking through this life, blinded by a seemingly organized world.
And as you grew in age, days became shorter, dreams much thinner and a feeling of being worthless in this existence took a strong stand.
To be or not to be was never the ultimate question but rather a query to the length of time one has to wait until he finally ‘becomes’ and is able to utilize his ability to see .
Seeing revives the quiet heart that was sleeping and opens up once again all the dormant channels within.
And thus one day, you saw and you saw it all !
The circles made of exponentials and spirals slowly moving to the motion of the noiseless sound that echoes their movement and that once created them all…
The dazzle at the perfection of the worldly sequence that contains the waves which interact and scatter everywhere,
The beauty of the stars, the moon and the sun and everything that lives underneath and that amusingly takes up the shape of the circles you saw earlier and seek their root to the unique golden number and flower of life ,
And in the end, as the child once thought, everything felt worth living again.
For as you were once, you heartily became again part of the entire universe!

Credit: picture by The flickerees



Some places we feel once and shall never feel elsewhere other than within the realm of our eternal soul.
And whether we acknowledge it or deny it or have yet to discover it, there is a place that shall undoubtedly make us tremble between the now or the later hour.
And gladly shall I say, have I indeed found my own !

Credit:  picture by BennixKO